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CSS 的 linter 和验证器是:

¥A linter and validator for CSS that is:

  • complete - 覆盖所有标准 CSS 语法

    ¥complete - coverage of all standard CSS syntax

  • extensible - 多个延伸点

    ¥extensible - multiple points of extension

  • configurable - 定制 linter 的选项

    ¥configurable - options to tailor the linter

  • robust - 全面的测试覆盖率

    ¥robust - comprehensive test coverage

  • consistent - 行为、命名和文档约定

    ¥consistent - conventions for behavior, naming and documentation

  • performant - 测试和提高性能的工具

    ¥performant - tools to test and improve performance



为标准 CSS 语法提供内置规则:

¥Provide built-in rules for standard CSS syntax that:




¥Provide multiple points of extensions, including:

  • 自定义语法 - 使用任何兼容 PostCSS 的语法来支持其他类似 CSS 的语言和容器

    ¥custom syntaxes - use any PostCSS-compatible syntax to support other CSS-like languages and containers

  • 可扩展配置 - 扩展和共享配置

    ¥extendable configs - extend and share configurations

  • formatters - 格式化 Stylelint 结果对象

    ¥formatters - format Stylelint result objects

  • 插件 - 构建自定义规则来支持方法、工具集、非标准 CSS 功能、其他语言(如 SCSS)或非常具体的用例

    ¥plugins - build custom rules to support methodologies, toolsets, non-standard CSS features, other languages (like SCSS) or very specific use cases



综合测试套件 提供强大的工具,包括:

¥Provide a robust tool with a comprehensive test suite, including:

  • 覆盖率高,目前超过 95%

    ¥high coverage, currently over 95%

  • 各种规则的夹具

    ¥a wide range of fixtures for rules




¥Provide consistency throughout, including consistent conventions for our rules and options.



提供快速工具和方法来测试和提高性能,包括单个规则性能的 benchmarking

¥Provide a fast tool and the means to test and improve performance, including benchmarking of an individual rule's performance.