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¥Managing pull requests


¥You should:


¥You should not use any:

  • 其他标签

    ¥other labels

  • milestones



合并 PR 时,你应该:

¥When merging a PR, you should:

  1. 根据你的判断来确定所需的批准数量:

    ¥Use your judgment for the number of approvals needed:

    • 对于简单的修复来说,一次批准通常就可以了

      ¥one approval is usually fine for simple fixes

    • 两次批准通常对于更大的更改很有用

      ¥two approvals are often useful for bigger changes

  2. 如果适用,请使用 GitHub 界面添加 changeset

    ¥If applicable, add a changeset using the GitHub interface:

    • 在条目前面加上以下任一前缀:"已删除"、"改变了"、"已弃用"、"添加"、"固定的" 或 "安全"

      ¥prefix the entry with either: "Removed", "Changed", "Deprecated", "Added", "Fixed" or "Security"

    • 如果适用,请以规则名称开头,例如 “固定的:自定义属性出现 unit-disallowed-list 次误报”。

      ¥if applicable, lead with the name of the rule, e.g. "Fixed: unit-disallowed-list false positives for custom properties".

  3. "挤压并合并" 提交确保生成提交消息:

    ¥"Squash and merge" commits ensuring the resulting commit message:

    • 要么匹配变更集条目,但使用现在时,例如 “修复自定义属性的 unit-disallowed-list 个误报”

      ¥either matches the changeset entry but in the present tense, e.g. "Fix unit-disallowed-list false positives for custom properties"

    • or 是句子大小写且具有描述性,例如 “重构 colour-no-named 以使用新的 AST”

      ¥or is in sentence case and descriptive, e.g. "Refactor colour-no-named to use new AST"