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¥Getting started


¥You can quickly get started by extending a shared config.

CSS 代码检查

¥Linting CSS

你可以将我们的 标准配置 扩展为 lint CSS。

¥You can extend our standard config to lint CSS.

npm init stylelint
npx stylelint "**/*.css"

一旦启动并运行,你就可以 customize Stylelint。

¥Once you're up and running, you can customize Stylelint.

Linting 类 CSS 语言和容器内的 CSS

¥Linting CSS-like languages and CSS within containers

你可以将社区配置扩展到 lint:

¥You can extend a community config to lint:

  • 类似 CSS 的语言,例如 SCSS、Sass 及更少

    ¥CSS-like languages, e.g. SCSS, Sass and Less

  • 容器内的 CSS,例如 在 HTML、CSS-in-JS 和 Vue SFC 中

    ¥CSS within containers, e.g. in HTML, CSS-in-JS and Vue SFCs

例如,要检查 SCSS,你可以扩展 SCSS 社区配置。它包括:

¥For example, to lint SCSS you can extend the SCSS community config. It includes the:

npm install --save-dev stylelint stylelint-config-standard-scss
"extends": "stylelint-config-standard-scss"
npx stylelint "**/*.scss"

你将在 很棒的 Stylelint 中找到更多社区配置。

¥You'll find more community configs in Awesome Stylelint.


¥Using a custom syntax directly

如果共享配置不适用于你的首选语言或容器,你可以安装适当的自定义语法并自行使用 customSyntax 选项

¥If a shared config isn't available for your preferred language or container, you can install the appropriate custom syntax and use the customSyntax option yourself.

例如,对 点亮元素 内部的 CSS 进行 lint 检查。

¥For example, to lint CSS inside of Lit elements.

npm install --save-dev stylelint stylelint-config-standard postcss-lit
"extends": "stylelint-config-standard",
"customSyntax": "postcss-lit"
npx stylelint "**/*.js"

你将在 很棒的 Stylelint 中找到更多自定义语法。

¥You'll find more custom syntaxes in Awesome Stylelint.


¥Using more than one custom syntax

如果要对多种语言或容器进行 lint 检测,可以使用 overrides 属性。

¥If you want to lint more than one language or container, you can use the overrides property.

例如,要检查 CSS 文件和 Lit Elements 中的 CSS,你可以将配置更新为:

¥For example, to lint CSS files and the CSS within Lit Elements you can update your configuration to:

"extends": ["stylelint-config-standard"],
"overrides": [
"files": ["*.js"],
"customSyntax": "postcss-lit"

然后在 CSS 和 JavaScript 文件上运行 Stylelint:

¥And then run Stylelint on both your CSS and JavaScript files:

npx stylelint "**/*.{css,js}"